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Company Profile

◆ UBIIX (UBIIX) is a group founded by the founder of the California Silicon Valley returnees, keen to provide a disruptive enterprise integrated communications cloud platform concept and the creation of the core team has many years of experience in research and development and provide advanced cloud telecommunications value-added services platform.
◆ The world's first company to introduce disruptive enterprise integration communications SaaS cloud platform (UBIIX cloud) company, quickly for customers to enhance business efficiency and reduce the cost of business communications.
◆ provide enterprise-class cloud virtual switchboard, instant messaging, fax, SMS, audio and video conference room, back-end intelligent business / customer service tools CRM system, and cross-border virtual telephone representative number and other cloud enterprise SAAS services
◆ has four service patents (cloud switchboard time routing, instant messaging IM, mobile CRM)
◆ services of small and medium enterprises, multinational companies, chain brands, well-known electric business, corporate customers more than 1,000

Since its establishment in 2011, Yun Tai Telecom is a subsidiary of the foreign Cayman Islands UBIIX Ebisi Co., Ltd., based on the cloud of telecommunications equipment to reduce the cost of enterprise hardware and maintenance, keen on innovation and action office platform concept and the creation, The core team has many years of experience in research and development of hybrid telecommunications network solutions and cloud communications software value-added service platform.

Enterprise UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service), which provides office virtualization solutions, reduces the cost of business communications, improves enterprise management efficiency and labor, and is committed to providing flexible, multi-functional and intelligent enterprise cloud services platform at a popular price Wisdom for the customer to create business advantages.

Jumping away from the shackles of traditional telecoms - this is our philosophy also laid the beginning of our company to set the same mission.

Was selected short of [2016 Technology Trend Gold Award] and Microsoft, Trend Micro, Adobe, Power Director .. Competition and won the top of the enterprise software [Special recommendation] and [popular] award. Let our team believe that our mission continues to work hard for everyone to create a better business SAAS communication platform!

We are a pioneering attention to every employee, a good working environment, but also to provide learning and growth space, welcome friends to join us UBIIX big family together.

UBIIX Identification Mark

Each U of UBIIX is an abbreviation for English words

UBI = Ubiquitous

IX    = Interconnect

We hope that through the UBIIX dedicated to you to create a unified cloud telecommunications platform, so you ubiquitous zero distance communication
U's expectations are your only exclusive personal and commercial cloud telecommunications platform

UBIIX Mission

To provide flexible, multi-functional, optimized cloud telecommunications service platform at popular prices

UBIIX business philosophy

We hold a sustainable business philosophy that our customers, in order to benefit the interests of the community to protect the environmental resources of the way business, adhere to innovation and continue to enhance the value of the company, to get social recognition.

UBIIX Guarantee

We are committed to compliance with the human rights conventions and require us to do business with our partners to ensure that we do not violate basic human rights so that everyone can enjoy dignity and thus fully exploit.