Advantages of UBIIX Cloud PBX Service

Auto Receptionist

Enterprise level auto-receptionist which can be setup to provide different language greetings according to different countries inbound calls.

Multi-Level IVR

Expand your auto receptionist greetings with a flexible IVR menu that can route incoming call to your employee in different departments.

Global Workforce

In one system, connect, unite and manage decentralized employee extension from all over the globe.

Cloud Extensions

Cloud Extensions create a flexible structure that incorporates employees at local and remote offices, anywhere in the world. Through VOIP, calls become free between all extensions as long as internet connection is available.

Cloud Company Contact List

Company Cloud Contact List allow contacts sharing among staffs.  During inbound call, a proper caller ID will be displayed during inbound calls so customers can be greeted properly and professionally.

Management Portal

Track, manage, and control activity of each customer contact representative.

Conference Meeting

Have audio / video conferences with any colleague in the world.

Company IM

Company internal IM.  Connect and provide collaboration between employee across the globe.  Separate work and personal life messengers.

Cross-Device Synchronization

All devices will ring simultaneously during inbound call so you wont miss important call

Record Conversation Easily

Easy record and access, great for management or legal purposes.

Fax number

Cloud fax number.

Free Roaming

Save on roaming charges. As long as internet connection is available, employee can call to any company extension for free.  Great for staff that frequently travel internationally.

No Installation

No longer require a large installation cost of traditional PBX.

No Maintenance

No longer require annual hardware maintenance

Monthly Subscription

Pay as you go by month to month.  Avoid long contract.

Scalable And Flexible

Add or remove extensions as your company expands or decrease in size.

UBIIX Revolutionized Business Communication

With Over 1000+ Enterprise Customers