Advantages of UBIIX Cloud Contact Center Service

Global Call Center

In one system, connect, unite and manage decentralized employee extension from all over the globe.

Global Number

Setup local number from 300 cities, 60 countries.  Inbound calls can be routed to any customer service rep; Outbound call can take on registered global number-So it’s always a local call for customer.


UBIIX CRM is intergrated with our communication system. Link phone calls, chats with customer database to increase effectiveness and efficiency. Or, intergrate UBIIX communication with your existing CRM (integration required)

Management Portal

Track, manage, and control activity of each customer contact representative.

Batch SMS

Send SMS in single or batch globally. Reach your customers with important message.  An embedded URL link can initiate call back request from the call center.

Batch Call

Intelligent call service- call a list of customer 1 by 1, only transfer the call to an customer rep when the call is answered.

Call by Voice Recording

Call customers with pre-recorded voice file. Instead of your agent initiating every call -allow listener to interact with IVR to connect the call to your agent.

Text to Voice Bot

More advanced than pre-recorded voice call -type in your message in text, voice bot will convert it into a voice recording and call your customer.  Interactive IVR is available in case listener wishes to connect to an agent in the same call.

Record Conversation Easily

Easy record and access, great for management or legal purposes.

Call Rate Saver

Enjoy lower call rate from UBIIX rate saver.

IM Integration Platform

Intergrate  major platform such as Facebook messenger, Line,  Wechat and website messenger into one platform.  Send group message and reach your audience on these platforms.


Add intelligence to IM Integration platform and multiply productivity for your customer service team.

UBIIX Revolutionized Business Communication

With Over 1000+ Enterprise Customers