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  • Global Number: 
  • The number of extensions

  • Phone specifications

    Introduction to phone specifications

  • Number of telephones

    • Number monthly fee400
    • NTD 200/ Extension monthly fee200
    • Single telecom setup fee300
    • Phone charges0
    • Initial opening total (not tax)500
    • Officially opened gift BillNTD 300 Bill
    • Precautions
      1. Setting fee is an one-time charge
      2. Monthly fee is not deductible call charges
      3. After payment, please complete the opening process:
      Upload document → signature of application (remove alert greeting, dial show cloud number)
    • ※ Now offer: Prepaid 6 monthly rent can get more 1 monthly rent, please contact customer service (669) 9991909
  • Payment method:

  • pay open

    * You need to verify the identity before you can remove the line prompt and dial out

    advanced module

    Welcome to contact us: advanced module / 5 extension above are concessions!